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Our AI will cut silences and bad takes for you so you can focus on your YouTube videos

Gling works on desktop devices
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Built with love for YouTube creators

We take this

We take your raw recorded video/audio, filled with unwanted silences and disfluencies...

And turn it into this

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms do the magic,
cut out all the irrelevant parts and leave you more time to create

Upload raw recording

Select one or more video files, we will send it for AI transcription, and will remove your bad takes for you.
p.s. we also support audio files for voiceovers.

Edit & Review

Review your edited video. You can further edit the video by removing parts of the text or removing clips from the timeline


Export to your favourite editor, we support Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve & Adobe Premiere, or export straight to MP4 or MP3 media files, and captions in SRT.

“This tool has been amazing and saved me so much time. It's magic.”
Shelby Church

1.8M subscribers

“I was surprised by how accurate Gling is. It is really good at detecting the pauses and saves me a lot of time in post.”
DamiLee Youtuber

800K subscribers

“Gling has saved me many hours of tedious work, reducing hours of unnecessary wasted time, and making video editing a breeze.”
Israel com a Aline Youtuber
Israel com a Aline

1.7M subscribers

"Doing endless cutting is the worst part of video editing. I’m very happy to let Gling do the dirty work while I focus on my content."
Luke Barousse Youtuber
Luke Barousse

364K subscribers

“Using Gling I was able to save whole days of really unpleasant work. I was completely amazed by the results”
Kathy Loves Physics

151K subscribers

What YouTubers say about Gling

Questions & Answers

Considering Gling? Here are some of the questions we hear the most

How does it all work?

Simply download our desktop app and upload a video. Gling will automatically recognise and cut silences and disfluencies. The whole thing takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Is Gling free to use?

Editing your first video is 100% free. After that a subscription is needed, check out our pricing page for more details.

YouTubers can use Gling for free through our creators program.

What languages are supported?

Gling currently supports videos in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch and Hebrew.

Will Gling fit in with my current workflow?

Probably, yes. You can export an XML from Gling and import it as a timeline directly to Premiere, Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve. Using a different video editor? No worries. You can always export from Gling as mp4 and import to any editor.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do! You can earn 20% of the revenue generated by your Referrals. You can read all about it here.