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We aim to be the go-to platform, bringing simplicity and magic to content creation for everyone.

Prioritizing ease, warmth, and adaptability, we ensure a delightful experience that evolves with our users' ever-changing needs.

Creators at heart

We emerged during a global challenge, fueled by our powerful desire to turn struggles into triumphs. At our core is our passionate founder, whose journey began with a heartfelt mission to support his wife, who struggled with the technicalities of making a good video.

As we took our first steps, his inspiration transformed into a relentless passion. The growth of his wife's YouTube channel, now boasting over 2 million subscribers, fueled this transformative fire. Beyond building a platform, our journey became a commitment to empower creators, helping them conquer the challenges of content creation.

Empowering Youtube Creators  Worldwide

Our mission is to assist thousands of creators in sharing their incredible content with the world. Inspired by a personal tale, we are devoted to being the guiding force behind every creator's success.

Our Values

We celebrate individuality

Our versatile tools empower users to express their unique personality in every video, recognizing and celebrating the distinctiveness of each creator.

We support our busy users

We respect our users time and energy, ensuring the editing process seamlessly complements their workflow without unnecessary demands.

We encourage and lift Up

We build supporting communities and maintain a friendly and judgment free environment, where content creation thrives without the constraints of formality.

We simplify complexities

Navigating Gling is a breeze, eliminating overwhelming technicalities. We always keep the editing journey straightforward without hidden mysteries.

We are for everyone

We are approachable, ensuring a content creation experience that is sincere and nurturing.

We stay

We aren’t about chasing the cutting edge or fixating on a distant future. We stay current, adapting to the evolving needs of content creators while maintaining stability and reliability.

Empowering Creators, Building Connections

Discover the Gling experience through the voices of our incredible community.

This tool has been amazing and saved me so much time. It's magic.

Shelby Church

1.8M subscribers

I was surprised by how accurate Gling is. It is really good at detecting the pauses and saves me a lot of time in post.


1.5M subscribers

Gling has saved me many hours of tedious work, reducing hours of unnecessary wasted time, and making video editing a breeze.

Israel Com Aline

2.2M subscribers

Doing endless cutting is the worst part of video editing. I’m very happy to let Gling do the dirty work while I focus on my content.

437K subscribers

Using Gling I was able to save whole days of really unpleasant work. I was completely amazed by the results

184K subscribers

5 / 5

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