Adding Text to Your Videos: Best Practices and Tools

Earlier in videos, while listening to what the speaker was saying, viewers used to have trouble catching up with the content, often failing to grasp the message of the video. As a result, the video had to be repeated several times, or audiences switched to another Youtuber’s channel, which had text incorporated, so they could effortlessly understand the video. Do you want a good level of engagement and other advantages in your YouTube videos? Then, we strongly recommend that you add text to the video. 

The winning factor of the addition of words is that it elevates your video’s clarity and leaves a lasting impression on any type of content you create. Be it social media posts, videos that explain tutorials, or simple marketing-related presentations. Texts spill their magic in taking your YouTube videos to the next level. Is this attracting you to learn more? Sounds great! This blog will guide you on why you should text and the popular tools that can assist you here, along with renowned tools that will aid you in achieving your viewership and engagement targets.

The Addition Of Text: Why Should It Be Done?

Like many other YouTubers, you would even be curious to know why heavy emphasis is placed on the addition of text. There are plenty of reasons and will be discussed one by one. 

Clarity Improves 

Your YouTube videos can never go viral unless they are crystal clear in communication. Believe it or not, clear communication plays a pivotal role in holding onto the viewer’s attention till the very last second. If your content revolves around educational or tutorial videos that consist of many steps, then these must-have texts in them. Why? Text can be used to highlight key points, assist in breaking down technical terms that may go beyond the comprehension of your target audience, or add context to your visuals so that your message gets delivered the way you want. 

Engagement Is Enhanced 

Where do you position your text in the video? In the front or on the sides? You must be wondering how the adjusting of text matters at all. When you place your text in the correct position and add effects in the form of animation and transitions, then that acts as a hook for the viewers to watch it till the end. The appearance of the text stimulates excitement in the audience, and it shows that something new is coming. 

Provides Inclusivity

Layers of text help the hearing-impaired individuals understand the content of the video. Imagine yourself being the solo YouTuber who adds text to their videos showing concern for people with disabilities. Furthermore, you can enable the option of translating the text into multiple languages, which will increase your reach on a global scale and give your channel more edge. You might become the favorite YouTuber of so many people residing across the world only because your videos have the text element that helps not only the hearing-impaired citizens but also the ones who are not native. Hence, the text in the videos provides inclusivity. 

Lifts Search Engine Optimisation 

Every content marketer prays that the search engines favor their channel and work so that it gets highlighted on the first page of the search, but the wish remains unfulfilled since the keywords they use in the text are mostly irrelevant. A YouTuber should be aware that relevant keywords assist in improving your video’s discoverability whenever a user types to watch a related video. We believe that you will want your channel to be shown in the top few searches, so make the most of using relevant keywords and see how your channel breaks the records.


Apart from adding text to your video, text overlaying can be done to your brand’s logo, website URL, and tagline. What does this do? It solidifies your visual identity and promotes brand recognition. So whoever searches for a YouTube channel, your video in that particular niche will rank on top. 

Best Practices To Implement The Overlay Text 

Since we have told you that adding texts brings ample advantages to your YouTube video, it’s time we tell you the best practices to implement the overlay text as well:

Keep It Concise 

Avoid long sentences, as that just bores audiences with information overload. Try to keep it short and concise. Why? Because using short and clear sentences delivers your message without confusion. 

Able To Read 

Your viewers might be using big and small screens so you should opt for a text that is able to read on both sizes YouTubers often make a mistake here by selecting fancy fonts that hinder the reading, therefore you shouldn’t repeat the folly and pick bold fonts. These will help the viewers in reading what the video is telling. 

Place Your Text In A Witty Manner 

Place your text in a witty manner. What do we mean by saying witty? We mean that the text should not hide other elements used in the video as that might disturb the charm of your video, compelling the viewer to switch to another video. Do you want that to happen? No, right? Consider placing your text at the top or the bottom of the frame so nothing blocks the view. 

Experiment With Colour Contrasting

Text on the same color background is not a good idea as your viewer will not be able to understand the video and, as a result, will simply move on to the video, where the creator has focused on color-contrasting. Hence, add dark backgrounds and use bright colored texts so the difference can be made and the message is delivered too. For instance, many creators use white text on black backgrounds and vice versa.

Transitions And Animations 

You must be following other YouTube channels too and the way they edit text or use it to escalate engagement. This can be done by experimenting with transitions and animations. In your videos add creativity in the form of these resources and witness how your viewership bar surges. 

Timing and Duration 

Your text should appear on the screen for the maximum time before vanishing. Why? Because your audience needs time to absorb the information to know what the video will be about. Give enough time to the transitions as speedy changes fail to hit the mark. 

Text Should Align The Tone 

While creating content, you should set a text that aligns with the tone. For instance, if it is a funny video then refrain from using serious styles and use casual text. On the other hand, an educational video will have a professional font style. Hence, keep these things in mind. 

Tools That Provide You With The Desired Font 

The Play Store is filled with video editing tools that offer paid and unpaid services, too:

Gling AI

The platform comes forward to benefit YouTubers in their video editing as it suffices them with a number of features like adding text to your video while editing.


A user-friendly platform is often used by graphic designers as there are plenty of templates and animations to use to create social media posts. Beginners love using this due to the variety of offerings it has.  

Final Cut Pro 

The video editing resource is popular amongst Mac users as it provides premium text-editing features with magnetic timeline editing for accuracy. 


We hope this blog was helpful for your knowledge that as a YouTuber you need to add text to video for the expected engagement. After this, you can implement the best strategies and the tools used to add and edit text. Want to add text to your videos easily and improve engagement? Try Gling AI, an AI-powered video editing platform that streamlines the process and offers a number of features to make your videos shine.