The Benefits Of Using AI For Video Captions and How To Get Started

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a theoretical concept as the majority of industries, including video editing, are embracing it. AI has proven to be quite a helpful tool when it comes to generating captions for videos. Interprefy shares that automatic captions extracted from usually spoken languages can achieve up to 98%  accuracy. This percentage was evaluated by Word Error Rate (WER). 3PlayMedia reveals some interesting statistics in 2024: 47% of the respondents use the benefit of auto-captions to come up with a foundational transcript before they are allowed to undergo human analysis.

 Communicate Magazine published Somin Crofts’s feedback regarding AI changing the video production industry. He is the Client Services Director at Big Button. His review was that AI has simplified the video production process. For instance, in pre-production, it assists in schedules, scripts, and storyboards. While in post-production it lends a hand in enhancing, video, and audio, and saves time in producing content from scratch.

 Cincopa says in support of AI that AI-powered tools can enhance your video by making concise and creative video scripts.

YouTubers often face a hard time with correct captions which costs them viewer engagement. So if you are in the same pool audience then it is high time you start using AI for video captions. Why? Because the technology provides you with ample benefits. What are they? Allow the blog to tell you about the video caption generator, its advantages, and how to get started on it.

The Powerful AI 

The world prefers watching everything online now. Pictures fail to attract audiences compared to video, and that is why Youtubers are capitalizing on their content. You are used to watching videos without any kind of internal or external issues, but have you thought about individuals who are hearing impaired, hear at high pitches, or the language unknown to them will understand the video? To accommodate them, enter the video captions that can be very easily generated through AI. Besides that, you will witness a variety of advantages. These are as follows:

Accessibility Is Elevated

As asked above, how do the deaf or non-natives understand the video? The answer is through AI-generated video captions. These captions certainly eliminate the barrier for these individuals who cannot listen to videos or have a tough time listening at normal volumes. Therefore, accessibility is elevated, and the message is delivered right across, irrespective of the impairments. People with similar issues feel happy that some Youtuber cares for them and enables this caption option so that even they can enjoy the content without relying on someone to explain it to them. You may never know this factor, but it only compels the other viewer to share your video ahead with people on their social network, which increases your views. 

Engagement Improves 

Often, you are in a situation where you can't listen to videos at an audible volume, so what is the possible solution? AI-generated captions take full votes here. Engagement improves as the captions can help your audience listen to the video at mute, too, due to the edge of the text that appears below the screen. 

Search Engine Optimisation Boosts 

AI captions are a hidden weapon in the fight for video SEO dominance.  Search engines rely on text to understand content, and videos themselves were previously a mystery.  However, AI captions bridge this gap. By automatically generating captions that reflect the video's content, AI allows search engines to understand your videos. This lets them connect viewers searching for relevant information with your video,  dramatically increasing the chance of discovery.  Essentially, AI captions act like a SEO superpower for videos, taking them from hidden gems to discoverable treasures.

Reaches Across The Globe 

You, being a YouTuber, wish that your videos circulate around the globe, but the language barrier hinders your expectations. But guess what? AI removes the hindrance. How? AI can translate captions into multiple languages. Yes, you read that right. AI can do the honors of making it easy for viewers across the globe to enjoy your video content, surging your graph of likes, comments, and shares. If your videos don’t have the option enabled, then you are leaving a massive opportunity to foster worldwide engagement. Imagine your videos become famous amongst the international crowd after the AI-generated captions, and they leave other Youtubers behind. It will be a dream come true, right?

User Experience Improves 

Every individual has a different capacity for absorbing knowledge, and the ones with disabilities need more time. AI-generated video captions make learning seamless. The user relies on the captions to comprehend what the video is about. The user experience improves for the ones who are new to the topic and might have to rewind several times to understand it completely. Wouldn't you like users watching your video to learn better and faster as compared to the Youtuber’s video who did not think about inclusivity? The benefits keep getting better. 

Content Retention Becomes Better 

Ever watch a video and forget the key points later? Captions can be your saving grace! Studies show that viewers retain information better when a video includes captions alongside the audio and visuals. Here's why:

  • Dual Learning Channels: Captions reinforce the audio by presenting the information visually as well. This caters to different learning styles and strengthens memory by engaging both sight and sound.
  • Enhanced Comprehension: Not everyone catches every word, especially in noisy environments. Captions ensure viewers don't miss crucial details, leading to a deeper understanding of the video's content.
  • Boosted Recall: By providing a written record, captions allow viewers to revisit key points later. This is especially helpful for complex topics or videos packed with information.

The video of benefits ends here and now let's shed light on how to get started with the content.

How To Get Started With Video Captioning? 

The procedure of using AI for video captioning is no rocket science. If you are doubtful about how to manage it, read the steps below to clear your doubts:

Select An AI Captioning Platform 

There are various AI captioning platforms, like Gling, where you can experiment with video captioning services. While you're busy creating stellar video content, Gling AI can become your secret weapon. This powerful AI captioning platform is specifically designed for YouTubers, making the jump from raw footage to captivating content smoother than ever.

Upload Your Video

You can upload your video file directly through the website or the mobile application.

Select Your Option

While filtering the settings, you have the liberty to choose which language to use for the captions, the extent of detailing, and the delivery time. The time usually varies from minutes to hours. 

AI Takes Action

The video editing application’s engine analyzes the audio in your video and produces the captions accordingly. 

Edit and Download

Before downloading the file you can edit the changes in the captions if they feel necessary, otherwise you are good to go.