How to Remove Background Noise from Videos Online for Free

Are you a YouTuber who is tired of background noises ruining your video? Are your videos besieged with the constant traffic noise in the background or the wind rustling and whistling around? Are you frustrated by the constant chatter of voices decreasing the appeal of your video? 

All of these can diminish your video quality and how it performs. However, we are here to help you eliminate background noise from your videos so that your quality remains top-notch! 

In this article, we will share a few tips and resources to help you remove background noise from videos online for free!

Top 4 Ways to Remove Background Noise

Here are a few ways to remove noise from your videos without spending money or using tools.

Prevent Background Noise

The first step in not having annoying background noises in your videos is to prevent it from happening in the first place. You can do this by a few simple pre-recording measures.

Quiet Environment

If you are recording podcasts or any other videos, choose a naturally quiet place free from constant chattering, traffic, and the hum of machinery. 

Using soundproofing materials like carpets, curtains, acoustic panels, and foam to reduce unnatural echoes and amplified background noises is a good idea. 


Using a microphone helps direct your voice and results in clearer audio that is free from background noises. The quality and placement of your microphone are crucial, so make sure to choose a good quality one, such as a shotgun or lavalier. Also, place it close to the sound source for optimum volume and clarity. 

Pop Filters and Windscreens

Background noises can be really concerning, especially when recording outdoors. You can use pop filters to reduce plosive sounds, while windscreens do an excellent job keeping wind noises at bay. 

AI Tools For Noise Removal

AI is taking over the world. From healthcare to IT, AI has made life significantly easier. Gone are the days when you'd need complex software and lengthy processes to remove background noises. With the help of AI, only a few clicks will do the job for you.

This is how AI-powered background voice removers work.

Data Analysis

AI-powered background voice removers are trained with all the data required to differentiate between speech, music, background noises, etc. 

Deep Learning Models

AI uses deep learning models to understand and thoroughly analyze the audio and distinguish different patterns, such as speech, background music, and noise.


All the information AI gathers from data analysis and deep learning models is then converted into spectrograms. A spectrogram represents a signal's strength, or "loudness," over time at various frequencies present in a particular waveform. It can identify the different frequency levels at different points in time and the variability between them.

With the help of spectrograms, the AI noise reducer distinguishes the speech patterns from the background noise patterns. 

Noise Profiling and Suppression

After identifying segments where no speech is present, it then singles out the background noise. It then removes the noisy audio profile, representing background noises from the spectrum, leaving you with a video without background noises. 

Use Gling to Remove Background Noise from Video Online For Free 

Anybody who makes videos on YouTube, whether a content creator, vlogger, educator, or even somebody who makes videos as a hobby, can vouch that removing background noise from videos is essential to give your videos a professional touch. 

While many apps and software can do this for you, many are either paid or difficult to use. However, fear not. Below are ways you can remove background noise from video online for free!

Gling is your gateway to uploading quality YouTube content. You can drastically improve video content quality by clicking a few buttons. Get rid of background noises, enhance your audio quality, and give your audience the best to offer!

With Gling, you can remove background noise from videos online for free.

Step 1: Choose the Right Tool

From the sea of available tools, choose the one that does the job for you, such as Gling. It removes background noise without costing you time or money. 

Step 2: Sign up or Log In

Fill in the relevant details in the dialogue box to start your noise removal journey. Once logged in, you can access all the fantastic features of Gling AI.

Step 3: Upload your video

Select the 'noise removal' option that pops up when 'features' is clicked on the top left side of the Gling AI website. Upload your video by selecting 'import' and choosing the file from your device.

Step 4: Remove Background Noises

Select the audio part you want to enhance from the timeline. Select the Enhance Audio menu on the right side of the screen from the first drop-down list. Select the 'Remove Background Noise' from the drop-down list. Next, from the second drop-down, select the type of content you are working on. 

Finally, click 'Enhance Audio' to eliminate all those background noises that decrease your audio and video quality. 

Step 5: Save and Export

After Gling AI has worked its magic, it's showtime. You can either continue editing the video with Gling AI's other powerful editing tools or publish it on various media channels such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or SoundCloud.

Final Words

Background noises can be challenging to eliminate, especially when shooting in crowded places. 

With a few simple measures, such as preventing background noises in the first place and using AI-powered technology such as Gling AI, you can quickly get videos with crisp audio without any background noises. 

Give your audience the best videos without annoying features such as background noises, and watch your video reach soar!