The Best Free Apps for Reducing Background Noise in Videos

You’re a lifestyle vlogger who has just found the confidence to actually whip out the phone and start recording. You visit markets, record anything interesting you see during your travels, and even do some voiceover of those funny parts of your video, and yet, there is one thing that seems to plague all your production. That annoying background noise. We know the pain of pouring your literal heart and soul into recording and editing a killer video, only for it to be overcome with some random traffic noise or chatter in the background. 

Unwanted audio can cause something that is every YouTuber’s nightmare: make the audience get distracted from the actual content of the video. This overshadowing pours ink all over the content you recorded, and all the people are left hearing is the hum of the machine in the back. Now enough nightmares, let’s get to the actual solutions to this ordeal that don’t require expensive editing software or turning your apartment into a soundproof fortress. No, we’re talking about FREE apps out there that can work wonders on smoothing the audio of your videos. 

If you're searching for a free app to remove background noise from video, you've come to the right place. Read on to find out about some apps that will help you make videos free of these pesky distractions.

  1. Gling AI

You know we had to start with the best on the market for reducing annoying background noises from YouTube videos. This AI-powered application makes the audio and video editing process simpler than the recording itself. You don't have to purchase anything to try it out. Just install the app and get started on your projects. You can select the unwanted cuts and remove them to refine your project. 

You can view the fresh draft and re-edit to make changes as you see fit. The application can be integrated into many other popular audio and video editing applications, and you don't even have to attach the files again. The free version allows you to work for an hour, but the limit can be extended if you have at least 1000 subscribers. You can export your clips because of its premium features. 

The paid version starts at $15 per month (or $180 per year) if you want to use it on a monthly basis. You will get a discount of 33% if you book an annual subscription. There is also a PRO version, which is used by those who want up to 30 hours of video per month and is available for $30 per month). It includes full AI features with premium support.

  1. Riverside

Riverside is an audio and video noise-removal tool for Windows and Mac applications similar to Gling. You can record and edit videos directly on the software from your device with premium features allowing you to remove echo and lengthy pauses and adjust audio levels with a few clicks. 

You can also remove unwanted parts from transcription rather than going through the entire video recording. It has a free and a paid version.

  1. is a potent tool for audio and video editing that uses AI to adjust noise. It has been hailed for allowing users to pick which sound they wish to remove from the content online. You can just download the application from its website. It has been praised for its AI-driven features. Select the free option on the tool page. Here's how you can do it. 

  • Upload your file after pressing the Import button. 
  • Press the 'Reduce Noise Now' button and select the sound you want removed. 
  • Make the desired changes and preview the results.
  • Download the file.


You can edit your files and remove unwanted sounds using this tool. It's also possible to directly record audio using this application. Podcastle's "Magic Dust" feature allows you to remove background noise from your video recordings. 

It comes with other standard features that refine your product by eliminating the audio, which is not needed.


  • Download the application from its website.
  • Select the tools and pick "Background Removal." 
  • Pick Get Started and Create. 
  • Press "Import Audio" to upload the file. 
  • Add Magic Dust, followed by "Apply Magic Dust" to confirm which noise you want to remove.

  1. Aspose

It's another free app through which you can remove noise that is in the background of your video presentation. You can sort out the files you want to be removed. It supports various formats like  AVI, MP4, MOV, WEBM, MKV, FLV, and WMV and can be ins that can be accommodated on Mac, Android, Linux, and IOS. Here's how you can remove background noises using Aspose:

  • Upload the content by clicking "file drop area" to upload it.
  • After the file is uploaded and processed, download the provided link (you can email the link to yourself). 
  • Download the file.

Remember: The download links work just for 24 hours, and the file will also be deleted from the server after this time.


We have just reviewed five free versions of background noise removal software that are available for use online. While each offers unique features, some stand out for their ease of use and intuitiveness. Gling particularly impressed us with its user-friendly interface and powerful features. It is a great option for creators who prioritize a smooth editing experience.

If you frequently encounter background noise issues and find a free tool helpful, consider upgrading to a premium version for potentially more advanced features and processing power. Gling's premium plan unlocks a treasure trove of powerful features designed to supercharge your video editing workflow and save time.