Using AI to Add Text to YouTube Videos

Have you ever liked a song whose lyrics you don't understand, even if it’s in your native language? Millions of people have heard “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana and “Nobody” by Skindred. Fans and music experts were taken aback by the unique vocals. 

The diehard fans come up with their own interpretation of the lyrics. They are mostly referred to as "misheard lyrics". The artists have also expressed their amusement at the fan-made version of the songs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it easy for listeners to understand what is being said in the video.  

Video is a potent means of communication and creators have to grab the viewers' attention efficiently and quickly amid the rise of social media applications. They have to use text overlays in the video as they give context, highlight key points, and make your content more accessible to the audience.

This guide will help you learn how to add text to YouTube videos and elevate your content creation game via AI-powered tools.

Dynamics of AI in Transcription

Before diving into the technical aspects, let's explore the magic behind AI-powered transcription for YouTube videos. AI acts as a game-changer for creators, especially in the social media bubble. It goes beyond simply adding text – it unlocks a new level of efficiency and accessibility.

Here's how AI transforms the game:

  • Machine Learning: AI systems are built to learn and adapt. They process massive amounts of data, identify patterns in speech, and continuously improve their accuracy. This translates to lightning-fast transcriptions that are both efficient and reliable.
  • Accessibility: AI captions are a boon for viewers with hearing impairments or those watching in noisy environments. They also cater to viewers who prefer silent viewing, perhaps while commuting.
  • Engagement: Text overlays highlight key points, offer additional context, and grab viewers' attention. This keeps them hooked on your content, regardless of whether they watch with or without sound.
  • Branding: AI tools can maintain a consistent style for your text overlays, reinforcing your content's identity and creating a polished, professional look.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting AI Tool For Transcription

There are several AI-powered tools available that help you to add text to YouTube videos with their pros and cons. These factors should be considered when selecting the right application for your content generation needs. 

The most important thing is to see which tools have higher accuracy in transcribing spoken words into text. This makes sure that your text and the audio content of the clip are aligned. Also, the customization options also come in handy as you can adjust font styles, colors, and animations according to your preferences. This helps you achieve the desired visual appeal for your clips.

The user should select an easy-to-use and user-friendly AI tool, even for those who are not familiar with the technology and software. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to add text overlays to your videos.

You can use AI tools that can be integrated with the video-streaming platform. You can add text overlays to your videos efficiently thus saving you time and effort as compared to manually adding text after uploading your content. 

AI can be used for creativity in your YouTube videos. You can include SEO keywords to make your videos easy to find when someone searches for topics. These tools can be used at every step of YouTube content generation and they help elevate their clips to the next level.

The pricing structure is an important factor as you may have to pay a hefty sum of subscription fees or charges. Therefore, you should pick an AI tool that offers good value for money and aligns with your budget.

How AI Tools Transcribe Audio Recordings to Text with AI Tools

The process starts with you selecting AI transcription tools, like Gling AI, that cater to your needs while considering factors such as the type of audio recordings that will be transcribed, desired turnaround time, and any specific requirements like language support, customizable vocabularies, and speaker identification.

You can upload existing audio files or record new audio directly within the application using AI-powered transcription tools. However, not every audio format can be supported, so it's important to check the compatibility. There are tools that can be integrated into different software and offer real-time transcription during live meetings or events.

You will have the option to change the settings of the tool you are working on for content generation to cater to your needs. These include language selection, uploading custom vocabularies enabling speaker identification, enhancing accuracy, or adjusting settings for audio quality or background noise levels.

The transcription process will begin after your audio gets uploaded and settings are configured. You can get real-time transcription via certain tools which allows you to see the text as its being transcribed.

The generated transcript will be reviewed after it is complete.

This step reduces the risk of errors or inaccuracies. Gling AI is a transcription tool that comes with an intuitive interface for editing and making corrections while making sure that the transcription reflects the audio content.

The transcription can be exported in various formats, such as plain text, Word documents, PDFs, or subtitle files for video content after it is reviewed and edited. Certain AI transcription tools come with shared and collaborative features that pave the way for you to share transcripts with team members, stakeholders, or clients through email, cloud storage, or communication platforms.


AI can be used extensively for transcription services and has been effective in enhancing viewer engagement, accessibility, and content. The technology paves the way for managing the workflow and encouraging content creators to deliver compelling messages effectively. AI-generated text comes with numerous benefits, such as compelling results.

Gling AI empowers you to manage your workflow and deliver compelling messages with effortless text overlays. Ready to take your YouTube videos to the next level? Try Gling AI today!